To ensure yachts perform safely and at their optimum at sea, we carefully analyse and implement every seafaring requirement and safety standard, down to the smallest details of the propulsion system, in our design process. This is a vital part of what we do. We bring a wealth of experience and skill to every naval project we undertake, from new designs to refit projects, and work tirelessly to adhere to every required safety standard.


We have developed an ad hoc method for naval facilities in order to optimise time and resources, acting on the original design to meet the customisation requirements that the customer demands of the Shipyard. Using FEA (Finite Elements Analysis) on a rational examination of the stress state ensures the robustness of the structure, and therefore the approval of the project by  relevant classification societies, and the CFD, the hydrodynamic calculation that underlies the hull performance.


Prior to production, we work with dedicated software to create all the necessary mapping and documentation for the various production departments: from construction drawings to documents for the workshop, special processing flows and the final output cut for CNC machines (nesting). The precision of the work is guaranteed by the fact that each part is developed in 3D by creating a complete virtual model structure,  allowing an immediate view of the structures to be produced. Our CAD drawings are of fundamental importance to all our design activities.


One of the most difficult and expensive activities in the creation of a yacht is ensuring the safe and efficient operation of machinery at the construction plant. Creating and providing plant designs can alleviate this burden and lead to significant financial savings. In our designs we include the various standards that apply in the marine-vessel ensuring a smooth-running construction process at plant-level.


From preliminary drafts to the final design drawings, Optima supports the construction site with all the working drawings and details required for the installation of all equipment, machinery and mechanical movements, making the entire process constructive, efficient and fast.


Working architecturally, our designers define the interior details that will give each yacht its own unique blueprint. With thoughtful interior organisation and careful stylistic choices we can now create the unique and beautiful character of your yacht. 


Our work does not stop with the project. For us it is crucial to assist the client during construction as much as possible.


Our expertise and decades of experience means we are able to develop and manage complex projects from start to finish. Starting with in depth research, our dedication is applied at every stage- with careful analysis of end-user and market needs, innovative and careful design of both the yacht exterior and interior, with attention paid to the unique styles and brand identity of each yard.

Our careful planning optimises every step of the yacht design and construction process and significantly reduces costs along the way. By managing a complex set of activities at once, we can work quickly yet efficiently to create quality work where every design aspect works harmoniously to create the whole. As well as greatly reducing the length of the project, this ensures the entire process is streamlined, resources are successfully managed and all aspects of production fit together perfectly.
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